Public Involvement



Open houses were held in June and September, 2017 in Arapahoe and Elbert Counties to solicit public comments on multiple route options. Thank you to those who attended for the valuable input. You can view the informational posters presented at the open houses by clicking this link.

Based on input from the open houses in June and September, additional comments received and environmental and engineering feasibility studies, a preferred route has been selected by IREA for the Eastern Reliability Upgrade. The preferred route is identified as “Proposed Route A”. Proposed Route A can be viewed in detail on the Maps page or by clicking this link.

IREA continues to welcome public involvement in the selection of a route to connect the existing Kiowa substation in Elbert County to the existing Brick Center substation in Arapahoe County. Our goal is to find a preferred route that minimizes impacts to residents and resources while providing a level of service consistent with IREA’s standards.